Writing and More Writing

3 Notebooks and a Pen
My first drafts are done old school – Pen and paper!
Photo Credit: Karen Bristow

You can’t tell from the dust and cobwebs around here, but I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. It’s been spread out across different sites, styles and media, but it’s out there.

For example –

I write blog posts, how-to guides and website content for a web design and hosting company.

My sister and I are now collaborating on a novel (we’re in the planning stage at this moment) and I’m also halfway through the first draft of a children’s novel.

I recently launched a fitness blog.

And I’ve been acting as website and social media manager for a local high school band fund-raising site.

It’s been a bit of a struggle, learning how to juggle all of that writing, but I’ve discovered something pretty dang important. I finally know what I want to be when I grow up: a writer.

So I’ve been embracing the struggle and writing as much as I can, as often as I can. I’m learning what works (and doesn’t work) for me as far as writing routines, posting schedules, deadlines, etc.

For instance, I’ve found that the instruction/how-to guides I write for ComputerGeeks2Go get published every other week because they take me a few days to:

  • research
  • collect screen shots
  • write down and run through the “steps” (sometimes more than once)
  • write and revise until the article is clear and readable

My work for Leon2London, while time-intensive at times, is done more on the fly, and by it’s nature, usually has a same-day (sometimes, same-hour) turnaround time.

Now I’m adding my fitness blog and novels to the writing mix and I want to blow the cobwebs off this baby too. The more I write, the better (and faster) I get and the closer I get to my goal of doing this full time!

So, if you’ve been looking for me, I’m out there. And I’ll be here more too, sharing my successes, failures and strangeness of brain.

See you around! 

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