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I’ve recently gotten back into writing. I used to do a lot more of it than I have been the past few years (enough of it to get a few short stories published).

My problem lately, though, I think, is that I put way too much pressure on myself to make my writing “good” and I got discouraged and frustrated. Which is sad for me, because if I’m truly honest with myself, if money were no object, all I’d do is write and write and write.

So not enjoying it isn’t an option.

Then I remembered something that Ray Bradbury advised (I think it was Mr. Bradbury, anyway) – “Write a short story per week. It’s impossible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” 

Which made me remember that rough drafts are allowed to suck and writing should just be fun!

So that’s what I’ve started doing. Last week, I hit up Pinterest for some visual prompts, grabbed my notebook, and mind-barfed all over the page.

It was fun! There was no pressure and the story itself has some promise I think. I’ll know more as I start transcribing it.

I also plan on using this exercise to play around with genres, view points, and have fun. And who knows? Maybe I’ll find a nice gem in all that mess!

For now, I’m going to continue to blow off going grocery shopping for the moment and spend some more time sitting out on my porch with my dog, tablet, and imagination.

Because who wants to spend time in the grocery store when it looks like this outside?

The view from my back porch.
The view from my back porch.

What tempts you from your chores on a beautiful day? And if you’re an artist, writer, musician, etc. how do you keep yourself inspired? 

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